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Shawn Gwaltney is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia, School of Allied Health Sciences, where he received his degree in dental laboratory technology. One of the early influences in his dental career was Dr. Art Rahn, who at the time was chairman of the Department of Prosthodontics at M.C.G.  It was Dr. Rahn who first sparked Shawn's interest in maxillofacial prosthetics. He pursued his interest in the field and achieved a position in the Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics, at Indiana University, School of Dentistry. Here, he had the privilege of working under one of the pioneers in maxillofacial prosthetics, Dr. Varoujan Chalian. 

It was Shawn's experience in the fabrication of maxillofacial prostheses that set the stage for his pursuit of excellence in all of removable prosthetics.  Why not take the attention to detail required when painting the iris of an ocular appliance, and apply the same attention to detail when fabricating a denture. The arrangement of the anteriors, obtaining precise occlusion, anatomical contouring of the denture base at the esthetic try-in stage, correct border extension and thickness.  These were all techniques that just made sense, but that in reality were not consistently followed by most denture departments.


It is this mindset of "paying attention to detail"  that Shawn has passed on to his staff and that sets Denture Kraft apart from other denture labs and denture departments. See for yourself - Denture Kraft truly does the ordinary extraordinarily well.




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