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Denture Kraft offers three levels of full dentures, Basic, Standard, and Premium. But you'll have to go somewhere else if you are looking for a cheap economy denture. We don't have'em. All of our dentures are made with high quality materials and are crafted using high quality techniques. Let your patients level of discriminating expectations choose the level of denture you choose.


From interim partials to complex cast partials with precision attachments, we can show you what "excellent fit" and "easy insertion" really mean. Everyone knows cast framework master models are surveyed and blocked out. But how about all acrylic and flexible partials? Ours are- no more wasting valuable chair time inserting your partials.


Implant cases require attention to detail. We can supply you with everything you need for a successful case, whether it be an implant bar overdenture  or a fixed detachable hybrid denture. Included, are open-top custom trays, soft tissue models, verification jigs, and cad/cam substructures.  We will take you all the way from initial esthetic try-in to the final  prosthesis complete with screw access holes, ready for insertion. 

BARS (hybrid & overdenture)   

All of our implant substructures and bars are fabricated using the CAD/CAM process to assure the utmost strength and accuracy. No more cutting, luting, and welding bars that don't fit!  We will supply you with a special computer program viewer so we can send you a file with your bar design. You can then view the bar from all angles in relation to the ridge and the set-up. Bars are milled from your choice of titanium or chrome cobalt.


Denture Kraft is well versed in the fabrication of many types of removable appliances. From something as simple as an Essix appliance, to something as complex as a full denture hollow bulb oburator, we can meet your specialty needs. Other prostheses include splints with ramps for guidance or disclussion, stents,  cleft palate appliances, clear dentures for CT scans, and jigs for implant verification. 


Don't leave anything to chance on your implant retained full arch fixed cases. We can provide you with a set-up which will be designed just like your final bridge. You can try it in, check esthetics, make changes, and get patient approval. Then send it to your fixed lab as a guide for substructure fabrication and esthetic guidelines.

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